Port Launay

One of Seycheles most picturesque seascapes, this park enclose eight beautiful beaches, as well as the five star Ephelia Hotel. It is the only Marine Park which is accessible by land as well as by sea. Here, under the shade of the takamake tree, one can laze the hours away listening to the sound s of the ocean gently caressing the sandy shores. The reefs on both sides of the bay provide a wonderful opportunity to use the mask and snorkel. this park which is very popular as a srop-over for visiting yacht charters is also famous for its whale shark sightings. In their season, these huge gentle giants of the sea can be seen swimming lazily around feeding on the rich plankton that accumulates in the park.

Port Launay Marine Park Seychelles

How to get there

Access by car is only a 30 minutes drive from Victoria, via La Misère, on the north-western coast of Mahé.  Otherwise, for visitors by boat, this park is a short distance to the south of Baie Ternay Marine Park from which it is separated by Cap Matoopa.

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